3 Things To Remember If You Have A Gym Membership With Childcare

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Purchasing a gym membership with childcare is an excellent option if you have children. This allows you to bring your children to the gym and have them well cared for while you get in your daily exercise. The caretakers who are looking after your children are almost always certified in CPR and they have a lot of experience working with babies and young children. However, bringing a child to the gym is going to take a bit more planning, so it is crucial that you think ahead. This article will discuss 3 things to remember if you have a gym membership with childcare. 

Check The Daily Childcare Hours 

Before you get yourself and your child or children all ready to go to the gym, it is important that you make sure that the childcare is open. Different gyms are going to have hours that vary each day, so be sure to look at each day's hours, as well as the times that they take off for lunch. This will allow you to coordinate a workout time that works around not only you and your child's schedule, but also the gym childcare's schedule. This schedule can often be found on the door of the childcare, on the gym's website, or you can call childcare directly and get it. 

Call Ahead To Reserve Your Child's Spot

A lot of childcare locations within gyms recommend that you call and reserve a spot for your child. Most gyms offer your the option of calling in to reserve the spot, telling them directly at the childcare location, or emailing them with the dates and times. This ensures that your child has a spot when you bring them to the gym. Also, if you have an infant, you may want to reserve more than one day at a time because more workers are required to watch infants than are needed to watch older children, due to the needs of an infant. 

Check All Of The Childcare Rules and Regulations 

Once again different gyms are going to have different regulations, so check to see the specific rules and regulations for childcare at your gym. See how long your child can stay during each visit and how often you can bring them in. For example, your gym may allow you to have one 90 minute session per day. You will also want to ask the age range that is allowed for childcare. Some gyms take children as young as 6 weeks, while others require your child to be 6 months. You will also want to check the oldest that your child can be and still attend childcare.