Frequently Asked Questions About Educational Children's Shows Geared Towards Toddlers

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If you are a toddler, you may have questions about television and your child. Many parents wonder how much television their child should be watching and what shows they should be watching. Fortunately, there are many educational child programs, so allowing a child to watch television can be valuable to them. But this may leave you with other questions. Here are a few frequently asked questions you may have about educational children's shows geared towards your toddler.

Can My Toddler Really Learn By Watching Television?

Yes. Toddlers can learn a lot by watching television. They can increase their vocabulary, be introduced to situations you haven't thought to expose them to, see how characters interact and react to situations, and learn about numbers, letters and colors. Research has shown that toddlers can grasp and comprehend information that they watch on children's shows. And reinforcing what they watched and learned at home can further help them retain this information.

How Do You Know if a Television Show is Really Educational?

Many children's shows geared toward toddlers brand themselves as being educational. This may leave you wondering if it really is or isn't. Unfortunately, there is not a standard for what is educational and what is not. Ultimately, it is up to you, as the parent, to determine how much value a show has and whether it is truly educational. Some parents feel that only those shows that teach their children about words, numbers, letters and colors are educational, while others think that shows that teach their children about values, morals and lessons, such as sharing and potty training, are educational. Take the time to watch a few episodes and decide for yourself if it is educational or not.

How Much Time Should My Toddler Be Watching Educational Child Programs?

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that children under the age of two watch no television. Direct contact and human interaction is important to the developing brain at this stage. The recommendation for children over the age of two is no more than one to two hours of television each day. However, these are just guidelines. If you have something going on and your toddler watches a bit more one day and less another, it isn't the end of the world. You have to do what you feel is best for your child and balance your home and work life as well, and television can be a great way to keep your child safe and entertained while you cook, clean or handle other responsibilities.

If you have a toddler, chances are, you have many questions about television watching and shows geared towards your toddler. Getting answers to the questions you have will help you establish television guidelines that are best for you and your child. For more information about children's shows, contact a business like Dream Shapers